*File not found troubleshooting*
If you are getting the "file not found" error, clear the cookies and cache of your browser. This can be done through the settings. If that does not work, try using a different browser.

Q1. I purchased gralats but did not receive them.
A1. You need to attach the receipt sent to your email when you made the purchase. If you never received the receipt, you were not charged for the gralat packs.Once you've attached the receipt, you also need to provide me with your in game ID found in the feedback menu. Once this information is received, we can investigate further.

Q2. I need to transfer my identified account.
A2. We do not transfer identified accounts under any circumstance. We only transfer unidentified accounts if certain conditions match such as IP.

Q3. I want to change my email.
A3. We will not be able to make any e-mail changes. You will need to have access to the e-mail address associated with the Graal account if you would like to continue to use it. Graal staff cannot help you gain or regain access to your e-mail account, so you will need to contact your e-mail provider.

Q4. I lost my email password.
A4. You will need to contact your e-mail provider if you've lost your e-mail account, Graal staff cannot help you do this. There's a "forgot password" button on every email provider's login page.

Q5. I got hacked.
A5. Someone can only access your account if you gave away your email and the password to your email. With that information the other person can log into your email address and approve the identification email. Even if you were keylogged, we do not get items or stats back. However, we can go after the person who used your account. The security of your email is your responsibility. If someone is using your account you can go to the identification menu in-game and revoke all devices except for the one which are using to revoke.

Q6. I got jailed for no reason.
A6. If you got jailed for no reason there is a possibility you used a network that had a jailed account it at a public place or the use of VPN. If you use one then you should know the benefits of a VPN hiding behind an IP of a other country, or randomized IP. This is generally only used for business use or if you want an extra layer of security. You can always look up a VPN for those details. This issue is that when your VPN is constantly switching IPs, what happens when you switch to one the game recognizes as a Jailed or Banned IP for another Account? The answer is pretty simple; it sees your account as an attempt of evasion and re-bans or re-jails your account. To avoid confusion I highly suggest turning it OFF while playing. You don't need it for general use for your own private network while playing. This isn't a common issue but it can happen and does. Keep in mind being IP jailed by someone else won't be on your warnings/jails record.
In most cases you will not be unjailed because you were not supposed to be using a VPN to play in the first place. Exceptions can be made on special circumstances but should not be relied on.
**Denied ban appeals won't get a reply**

Q7. I want my spar stats restored.
A7. There is an NPC inside the Spar Complex to do so. If that doesn't get you youre desired stats back then you won't be able to. Staff do not restore spar stats.

Q8. I want to merge my accounts.
A8. We do NOT merge accounts.

Q9. My furniture in my inventory shows as "0", I have a custom that I cannot wear, I purchased VIP but didn't recieve it.
A9. There is a self-serving kiosk NPC inside the Era-Go building at start. Grabbing the NPC will resolve those issues automatically.

Q10. I want to make a complaint about a staff member.
A10. You can do that, but put as much information and evidence as possible. Without hard evidence I do not act upon it.

Q11. Is it true some messages may be ignored?
A11. Yes, some messages may be ignored. Depending on the amount of tickets, which is a lot the majority of the time, you may not get a reply if the message is illegible or not understandable. You would be surprised at what some people send us..it makes NO sense at all. Emails will also be ignored if they are spammed.