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  1. Making my Mexican *** blush -w-
  2. My favorite Mexican
  3. I'm assuming you're in college?
    I am also taking unnecessary classes and it's boring.
    To be honest, you're quite fortunate to be working in groups. I think that's pretty rad. I work alone and sometimes I want to work with a group but the way my schedule be looking like, homework took over most of it. >:C
    (lol)Let's just do GS2 and make a living off of it.
  4. I don’t know why I’m required to take chemistry class and calculus 1 when I did them in high school
  5. Btw if you got any question regarding programming feel free to annoy the **** out of Junz he’s professional
    I’m gonna do that definitely
  6. Lmao my sleeping schedule is ****ed up as well
    U know what’s the most annoying? All the projects are with groups ITS TIRING
  7. Glad to hear you're getting into it, though. <3 Welcome to the no-sleep life.
    (Kidding I get 8hrs daily and that's bad)
  8. Well I’m studying computer engineering so I won’t get into serious programming right away
    Though so far I did excel and doing matlab currently so it’s rly the basics
  9. I might do that too next year, as well. Yay, we can learn together.
    So you haven't really gotten into programming, yet, correct? You're soon to be a programmer.
  10. Well I’m probably gonna do c++ next year or the year after.
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