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  1. Oohhhh. Okay lol makes sense
  2. If it was from yesterday it was because it was not planned and was a sketch. ;p
  3. Cheater! You used an outline! (Lol jk)
    And still no audio :<
  4. Yay! I'll watch <3
  5. I'll be on Tuesdays - Thursdays from 50 - 8PM PST
  6. Wow Twitch is broken. So, how do I know if you're streaming or not?
  7. No sir. It's called auto-hosting. It is when I am offline yet my channel hosts another channel.
  8. The live stream was a dude reaching to a pile of nacho chips then getting sacred by some girl popping out of the pile. That wasn't you?
  9. check my gfx thread
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