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  1. Thanks for the concern, I'm fine, only property damage and small stitches.
  2. إن شاء الله أنت بخير وآمن
  3. Don't say "Retstart"?
  4. You do know I'm a staff member, right?
    Ali was wondering if Joey wants to help us count to 150
  6. Nah fam, if it was yesterday. Then they were off shopping for Eid gifts and whatnots. I too, was shopping B)
  7. oh now that you mention it, yeah yesterday night i was going in the car with some friends then we had to go back home because eid el fitr started and the whole road is filled with muslims and chi3it going to their region for the food.
  8. Believe it or not, I am coming home to the Middle East to visit family some time soon.
    (Out of all of my dad's brothers and sisters, he was the only one who said, "Hey! I'm go to America! ". The rest still live in the same country)

    But anyway, I was asking you about the traffic because today is a holiday known as " Eid Al-Fitr" and since you probably never heard of it, I was wondering if there was a sudden change in foot traffic that surprised you
  9. if you love lebanon so much you should come visit some time
  10. Aawww man, you just missed all the traffic. :c
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