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  1. Xxi?
  2. I guess trying asking him in game? If that doesn't work maybe trying asking him through xxi
  3. (Inbox is full, so I have to leave a reply here, sorry)
    First and foremost, thank you for your wording suggestions, and no, I have not, is there any way I can speak to Jeff?
  4. Hey BW, wanna join my in-game gang?
  5. I see your point, but I'm pretty sure Kendrick was just joking around when he claimed that California was his city. Also, there's a lad that said that England was his city in a music video, so I believe that Kenny was just parodying it.
  6. Just in relation to what I said previously. In the example, if someone wanted to refer to the Missouri town they would need to explicitly state 'Earth City' as opposed to just 'Earth'.
  7. o no u roasted me
  8. Let me elaborate my point. My reasoning was that if one wishes to refer to 'California City' they would need to explicitly state it as such: 'California City' (at least once to set the context), likewise for example when I state 'Earth', the default connotation (rightly so) would be the planet as opposed to 'Earth city' in Missouri. Although, this does seem pedantic, the crux of my reasoning that the "thats mi city bruh" argument is utterly disingenuous as the context of the conversation was implementing flags for countries. I must admit, these assumptions I held, should have been made transparent. In all honesty, I am glad you called me out, although, interesting enough (or at least to me) you never did manage to respond to my criticism to your post on the whole robg forum fiasco. I had to read up on your style of arguing, so it's quite the shame no response was given.
  9. Just reading your profile page. Just wanna mention that there is a city in California called "California City".

    (Also what)
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