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  1. I changed my name to Abdullah as I kept on being confused for a female when online.
    You can call me either Ali or Abdullah- depends on your personal preference.
  2. hi whyd you change your name what do i address you as now
  3. Awww, but I understand. Good bye Sof.

    (And ty on the pic I found it on google lol)
  4. hehe i don't know really.
    school is coming up so yeah i guess. i dont think im ever coming back to era again

    also cute pic lol
  5. Have you completely left iEra, Sof? :<
  6. thank you!!!<3
  7. .-. ._.

    Happy Burfday
  8. Maybe?!
  9. It's ur birthday?!
  10. I change my name a lot but I'm the leader of Adventurers Guild
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