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  1. I bring all the grills to the yard
  2. ohh baby dont even talk to me if youre a cat. they worse than grills and youre a grill therefore respect your animal faction gender thingy.
  3. I'm a kitty :c
  4. Youre worse than the world war itself. Stealing money from XxparentzXx to buy aipohnee 7z? youre the worst puppy in the world little grill
  5. Hax0r
  6. im doing it now. i found out your aipohne 7s telephone number. 1234-567-89
  7. Pls no
  8. Ill tell your parents that you steal their cash from their XxMLGWalletThatHasCashInsideXx
  9. Yes, I'm 2.
  10. You are a little girl arent you?
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