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  1. dudeeeeeeeeeee
    just enjoy your camping... get your mind off graal first u can watch camping videos lol
  2. um how about you write those ideas down on a piece of paper and make threads once a day or every 12 hours if u cant wait
    why are u trying to get jailed?
  3. hey z i think you have to stop spamming for a while...
    maybe one thread a day only?
    or maybe 1 thread every 12 hours haha u know u know

    also about the videos you keep on posting i think its best if you stop posting them not everyone wants to see people kissing
    and the schemdejfm guy is right its semi-pornographic
    if u rlly wanna share it then its best to put it on your signature with a spoiler..
  4. whatthe freak man ik maybe u have no taste lol joke bro no hard feelings
  5. whatever you say stop lying to yourself i mean haha i respect everyones opinion
  6. nvm i saw it and he is ok... just ok lol
  7. rlly can you show me a picture lol im just curious i wanna see if you're telling the truth
  8. Whats up my guy how are yah
  9. Lol idk I just like the number 7 so now when I read it, it says 7654321 instead of whatever the hell it was before
  10. Umm cool new name but changes arent noticeable lel

    What does it mean?
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