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  1. Sorry about that, to be completely honest. Should've kept my mouth shut, we cool?
  2. Pardon?
  3. Alright back on topic:

    Gabipants, let's make a deal, shall we? If you can find a post within 48 hours that has been posted in 2018 (mean you can't you use posts from 2017) that is not related to the topic being discussed in the thread at the time I will leave the Forums altogether. However, if you cannot you have no right to judge me as an individual from here on out. You have one shot at this.
  4. Lol no, I wrote those. It's just u usually this side of me instead of the formal side bc, what's fun in being formal?
  5. Did you get an adult to post those comments on my profile? They're so different in, let's say, "Style" than your spammy forum posts. I'm sure you're not a bad person, but your posts are unnecessary and don't contribute to the forums
  6. Argue with reason, do not attack me as an individual.

    I show you respect so I ask the same in return
  7. Nah your posts are annoying we're all tired of hearing "Join us we have cats XD XD"
  8. Gabipants, I respect you as an individual but typing "your comments are not necessary" isn't enough for me to take your stand seriously enough for change to occur.
    Unless you argue with reason, there shouldn't be an argument at all.

    I trust you were angry when you wrote that comment on my profile page so I'll leave it at that and we can simply forget that this took place.
  9. Where exactly?
  10. Your comments are not necessary.
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