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  1. Hello, I'm away for a few days; I'd recommend submitting a ticket to in the meanwhile. When i'm back, i'll take a look at trade logs to see what happened.
  2. May I ask how the investigation is going on for my lost item or is now not the right time?
  3. Graal2011086
  4. What's your graalid?
  5. I do not wish to trouble you, but whom do I report to for the utter disappearance of an item?
  6. Thank you, sir
  7. 1. 512x128 px. The same way you'd upload a normal custom (click uploads on era-go, select shield, select file, etc.)
    2. Below 150 frames. Status codes are illegal.
  8. Junz, sorry to trouble you sir, but I need to ask you a few questions:
    1. How can I upload a status code? And what's the limit for WxL?
    1. How many frames can a shield have? And how many can a status code have?
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