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  1. Ty.
  2. Yes they are kinda the same.

    And on the second oneee, I think you will be able to gain residence but without being citizen you cannot own a home. Not so sure on this one though.
  3. So, just make sure I understand your post, Mexico's citizenship laws are somewhat like America's, with it being offered to newborns and spouse?

    And another question if I may ask, does Mexico allow foreigners to set up permanent residence within it's borders, or I am just asking too many questions for one to know on the spot?
  4. Thank you, Rima!
  5. I am not like a Mod lol but I’ll ask for someone to help out.
  6. Rima, I noticed that you were able to close a thread. Tell me, are you a Mod? If so, could you change my name to Abdullah1441
  7. Not quite sure haha maybe Developer manager.
  8. Alright, thank you tho

    (BTW may ask I who's in charge of the suggestions?)
  9. That’s a hard one, as far as I know we only take suggestions.
  10. Hey, Nani, sorry to bother you, but who should I speak to if I want to implement a quest into the game?
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