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    Just want to mention extra stuff I didn't pm you.

    Apologies on relying visitor messages as a means of communication however it appears you are making the conscious decision to ignore me on other means.

    Apologies about not getting back to you sooner, I assumed that you would be familiar with the forum rules
    I also wanted to say that what you said to me seemed so insulting and mocking. How absent-minded and arrogant can you be to spit on repeated cries for help, on basis of the absurd belief that they already knew the answer. I'm genuinely dumbfounded. If you said that you couldn't respond as you were busying watching paint dry, it would have been better as these is a less arrogant sentiment shared.
    I suppose there is a personal paradigm shift to what the status of head moderator entails.
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    (#4) In addition why is my thread being punished for other people posting irrelevant replies. Why aren't the culprit who derail my thread being warned, instead of my thread being outright closed. This sets a dangerous precedent that with enough people, anyone can shut down any thread by posting irrelevant replies.

    Once the forum rules states that all "sarcastic comment" and ironic statements are to be banned on the forum, I cannot respect this decision you enacted my thread.
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    (#3) The choice of sarcasm I employ not only serves the purpose of constructing or exposing contradictions between intended meanings (the choice to make Halloween items expensively deterring against the Halloween spirit) but promotes creativity for those on both the giving and receiving end of sarcastic exchanges. A catalyst for the creative and dissuasion of the mundane replies.

    (such benefits suggested by the research journal, "The highest form of intelligence: Sarcasm increases creativity for both expressers and recipients")!

    It appears condescending to simply dismiss my thread of having no inherent purpose, when I have spent time to contextualise my words to encourage a, relevant to graal, fruitful discourse.
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    (#2) Article 2
    "Nothing screams more about the Halloween spirit than overpriced furnitures," is to say that it appears counterintuitive against the 'Halloween spirit" to have goods sold at a deterring price

    Article 3
    "I’m so glad now that I could now show off people with my overpriced rug and spend excessive amount of gralats on questionable priced furnitures in general." is simply a criticism for any potential persons who would argue the merit of items in dependent on how expensive it is.

    Article 4
    "I’m also thankful that I can match my rug with my 1000 gralats pumpkin yo-yo." acts to enforce my contention whilst utilising a more comedic effect.

    Just because my criticism was expressed in a sarcastic manner, it shouldn't somehow be discriminated against other thread of equal merit; that express their content through a more traditional and conventional mean.
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    (#1) Present me the specific forum rule that I am breaking, because I am confused.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears you're suggesting that simply because the thread was sarcastic in nature, it somehow nulls it of any purpose or pragmatics. The Oxford Dictionary defines 'sarcasm' as a, "sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark." If my thread was thoroughly read, the contention would have been clearly understood.

    E.g. Article 1
    "I’m currently thankful to the fact that the spooky rug from the Halloween store costs 1000 gralats." Is an obvious juxtaposition, to state the fact that I am unhappy upon the fact the Halloween store goods are expensive; as I perceive
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    <3 u
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    Again? Seriously?
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    xiang can u help me in my problem
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    It says you're inbox is currently full, please empty it as I'd like to carry on with our "conversation".
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    Xiang please help 1717322 my account keeps getting rejailed even though i already waited allotted jailed time
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