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    Hello! Unsure if I informed you or not, but the iEra newspaper is now free! Thanks for your idea's!
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    Hey BW, wanna join my in-game gang?
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    Hello! Thanks for your idea, upon discussing it with Pamaj and other higher staff we are not fully sure why the newspaper is $5. However, soon we will be working to make them free!
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    if it makes u feel any better i only closed cny falchion thread idk who closed the other
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    I see your point, but I'm pretty sure Kendrick was just joking around when he claimed that California was his city. Also, there's a lad that said that England was his city in a music video, so I believe that Kenny was just parodying it.
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    o no u roasted me
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    Just reading your profile page. Just wanna mention that there is a city in California called "California City".

    (Also what)
  10. Popular guide to arguing on the forums
    1. Ensure to incorporate fallacies, for best results use the 'straw man fallacy'
    2. Ensure own arguments is written in a disjointed manner
    3. Make attacks and/or make unsubstantiated claims towards the oppenentents
    4. Conflate 'arguing' as 'fighting'
    5. Rationalise making extreme exaggeration/ misrepresentation as you, "weren't bothered reading the opponent's argument"
    6. Once own post was proven to utilise broken logic make sure you do not take it down, spreading deceit is most favourable
    7. Red herring, red herring, red herring, red herring, red herring, red herring, red herring, red herring, red herring
    8. Cherry pick the opponent's arguments which is most favourable or just outright dodge the opponent's arguments entirely
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