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Thread: I am making gfx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Damian View Post
    We're humans - we all make mistakes . Welcome to the forums inova!

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    lol this gani guide, move to a different section. Anyway, its probably easier to get ideas on the forums than in game.

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    Can someone make me a status code 4 free?
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    0.0 idk how to make status codes anymore. i made 1 a while ago, then i forgot how to do it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilt Kazuki 9k View Post
    Can someone make me a status code 4 free?
    Off topicness! AWAY! Jks.
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    How much are you charging for it if you are?
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    Inova, can you teach me/us how to make a status code?
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