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Thread: This is so unfair

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    This is so unfair

    Today I saw timo with beaver hammer which is soooo cute, and it isn't getting released I want it so much -I'm not complaining- I'm just saying it's so nice and should be released-don't remove it from him-I'm fine with him having it, it's just I want it so much it's so good !! Why can't we make super melees, and each month a contest is held and if your super is accepted you get to have it, and one only being auctioned , I know it's never happening but why not try lol...

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    I actually like this idea would be a good way to add supers to the game.
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    Yeah and it would be lovely to look for more supers, I know almost all the supers in era, and nothing is really THST interesting -besides beaver hammer OMG- we can get to look for supers and change the usual supers we have into something new..

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    It's up to the person who made the item if they want it auctioned or not.

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