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Thread: Warning and Jailing Rules

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    Warning and Jailing Rules


    a) There are several categories which you can be punished for on Era-

    [*]Glitch Abuse
    • Exploiting a glitch in game which shouldn't happen. (i.e. infinity health)

    • Using a 3rd party program to alter game play. (i.e. walking on walls)

    • Constantly har***ing players which disturbs their game play. (i.e. stalking, being abusive)

    • Judging somebody based on their ethnicity or name calling.

    • Sending PMs in bulk or spamming an area with a lot of pointless text.

    [*]Staff Impersonation
    • Pretending to be staff on Era. (i.e. pretending to be me, the best staff ever!)

    • Constantly talking rude or using profane nicknames/gangnames or uploading inappropriate gangpics. (I believe this was made for people like Monkey (NPC))

    • Buying items for iTunes or Real Money

    [*]Event Disruption*
    • Causing disruptions to event play in words/actions

    [*]Forum Disruption**
    • Repeated forum violations or creating new forum accounts to evade ban

    • Increasing spar wins or pk by boosting activities

    *Cl***ed as a major category
    **Cl***ed as a severe category

    b) Every player has 2 chances before they are punished in each category above. (i.e. I am warned for Glitch Abuse, then Other and Vulgarity- I wouldn't be jailed. I would need 2 or more warnings for one of the categories to be jailed)

    c) Major & Severe Categories have no warnings in place. If you are warned for Hacking or Racism you will be instantly jailed based on how many times you have been warned. If you are warned for USD each warning is cl***ed as 5 hours jail time.

    e) The jail time on each warning is increased. If you have two warnings, you're jailed for two hours. If you have 5 warnings, you're jailed for five hours. The more times you repeat the offense, the higher the jail time is.
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