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Thread: GraalOnline Warfare

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    I would rather not have player's choices restricted. Instead I would just allow 1-6 units per round?
    "'An old friend of ours dared me to try and play God...' Mak craned his neck, the advisors and guardsmen in his wake suddenly alert at their charge's blatant discontent.

    He stood with a confidence we had never known him to possess, the bright orange trim of his ivory sleeves dangling so far from the scrawny arms folded behind his back that we thought the robe adorning his body might blow away completely in the winds that whipped around us.

    'Little did they know I was born for the role.'"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazerlatte View Post
    Sounds amazing. Could drag graal into the limelight, even ( My only issue with it is that it just sounds too ambitious, and it probably won't make it past the initial concept phase.

    But aside from that, I have an idea. There should be a system like in Warhammer wherein you have a set amount of points that determine how many of what kinds of units you can have. For example, you could have 1000 points to allocate, and a green noob could take up 200, and a werewolf could cost 500. So you can have 5 green noobs, 2 green noobs and a werewolf, or 2 werewolves. It could allow players to control how big or small battles would generally be, in increments of 1000 points up to 10000.
    Omg I love this table game its so awesome. We should do smting like this yeah.
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