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Thread: Read me before posting!

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    Read me before posting

    Please stop making threads asking why you're banned, or saying you're banned for no reason. They are just going to be closed or deleted. If you are having an issue, make a thread here


    Hello, guess who it is? Alright, well I'm here to make yet another announcement. When you're titling a thread, don't make the thread title be one letter long. Thread titles such as "how" or "why" or just other one word questions, serve no purpose and really are not helpful. Please try and BRIEFLY describe your problem in your title. So instead of saying "why" or something, say "My popsicle is not working, any idea why?" it makes it a lot easier for anyone who is wanting to read the titles and it makes it a lot easier if people want to search their problem.

    So, if you could please start doing this, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks everyone


    It has come to my attention that there are numerous threads on here regarding hiring (or to put it in simple terms, how to become an admin)

    Please, please, don't make a thread about this. Don't ask about becoming an admin. It will yeild in the same answer as always.

    The quick answer regarding the topic is this: If we are hiring, it will be announced. You can check the "News and Updates" section of Era-Go for more info about these hirings.


    Be advised that before creating a new thread, search the answered questions section to check if your question has already been answered. The search button is on the top right of the page.

    Answered questions can be found here

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