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Thread: GANI Guide, Part 1(video)

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    GANI Guide, Part 1(video)

    Hello graalians, I am currently making a video series on youtube with instructions on making gani. this is the first of four videos i plan on making. My buddy grief may make one of the parts too if he feels like it.
    this video covers where to get graalshop, as well as how to open it. The videos have voiced instructions so enjoy my silky smooth voice.

    i am making these videos because era is hiring and we need to train some new talent. if you have any further questions, you can add my skype rorim.graal and pm me. ill gladly teach you over skype call or just messages, when i have the time. DO NOT ask to be hired though. you can still apply at [email protected]

    enjoy the video : )
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    rorriM, Doodleman may have retired but I worked with him. Ask him for some gani tips via Email.
    He taught me a few tricks of the trade.
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    i see. anyways the video is having troubles showing. ill try to get it fixed.

    - - - Updated - - -

    alright i fixed the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obey Optications View Post
    rorriM, Doodleman may have retired but I worked with him. Ask him for some gani tips via Email.
    He taught me a few tricks of the trade.
    Why would he need tips when he already knows what to do?

    Can't wait to see more soon bro!

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    Nice tutorial rorriM!

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    Nice one Rorri!
    But I am actually stuck in other steps(it is the how to add a sprite definition) I am waiting for someone to help me or for your next guide because I am very interested in creating levels and ganis and very excited
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    Great tutorial rorriM, keep up the good work you're giving us on Era!
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    Great tutorial! Part 2?
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