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Thread: CSGO betting jackpot hustling and case guide

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    CSGO betting jackpot hustling and case guide

    CSGO money making guide

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    First, you want to find a item that is at least 1$, so you can make a good profit.

    Next, You want to look at its charts.

    You want to make sure a few things:

    If the line is going up you want to check how much were they sold for the day before. You can do this by putting you mouse somewhere on the line near the right side.

    If it is going down you want to check if the ones sold a day or so behind the current date were for a higher price then it is being sold currently, if it is it will most likely go back up. This does not apply to crates.

    3. You want to see how the people are selling it and for what price, if you see most of the sales at the same price its not worth it. If you see someone selling it for 3$ and the person bellow for more then it will probably go up.

    Note : You should always times the amount you are selling it by (1 - steam tax). To see how much you will gain.


    1. Go to

    2. Log in through steam

    3. Look at the people playing

    First of all you will see two teams each with a percentage.

    Percentage: The teams have a higher percentage based off of how many people bid on it.

    Value: There will be a value under the names, (number) for (1). The number is how much you will get per 1$

    If its 0.5 for 1 it means you will get 0.5$ worth of skins if you win, but don’t worry you get your item back as well.

    Note : do not bet if it says you will only get 0.1-0.2$.
    The amount value changes once you put a item in to show you how much you will get per the item(s).

    4. You should watch the teams to see how they play before betting, even though one might be better then the other you should learn how they play.


    Note : these are very risky, lost my knife in one.

    1. Go to a jackpot site EX : csgojackpot, csgocasino, skinarena…..

    These are all based off of what I’ve seen

    Csgojackpot (people put in usually over 100$)
    Csgocasino (people put in usually a low amount 1$-5$)
    Skinarena (Mixed)

    2. Log in

    3. Jackpot

    Each site needs a certain amount of skins before they choose a winner. Most are 50.

    So I might put in 1 skin, someone else might put 9, someone else might put 10 anyway until it reaches its number it won’t choose a winner.

    Winning rates: they are based off of how much your item is worth.

    If 4 people each put in 10 skins and each of those 10 skins are worth a total of 5$. Then lets say you put in 10 skins worth 5$ everyone would have a 20% chance of winning but….. if you put in for example a knife you would most likely win.

    Note : some sites take some of the skins for themselves, but not yours.

    Note : Really risky, ive seen people win 200$ by putting in near 20c.

    4. Timing

    Sometimes your item delays but you want to make sure people with high priced items aren’t entering, unless you are putting in a bit amount.


    NOT WORTH IT, people do it for entertainment.

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    Jackpots are hella risky, i don't recommend doing it unless you don't have anything to lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcloudx97 View Post
    Jackpots are hella risky, i don't recommend doing it unless you don't have anything to lose.
    I mentioned that

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    Jackpot is the most profitable but also the most risky, I've seen people throw in 200$ and come out with 3000$
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    Do you have some guide for You can read the review here

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    Gross. is my go to place for easy money and easy skins.
    If I'm feeling it I'll go on for skin flips
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    Csgoreaper and bubble and hunt r good for flips

    jackpot is meh but id do hunt or skinarena or fiesta or speed or fast or ezskins

    for roulette I just always do random sites don't have a favorite

    my fav site is prob bounty cause of raff

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