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Thread: Kmp9 stats

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    Kmp9 stats

    Hello Does anybody know the gun stats ok kmp9 and dual kmp9? Im considering buying it.

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    KMP9: $22500
    Dual: Yes
    Damage: 7
    Spread: 0.056
    Freeze: 0.185
    Freeze (Dual): 0.185
    Fire Rate: 0.47
    Fire Rate (Dual): 0.33
    Reload Freeze: 0.185- 0.35
    Auto: Yes
    Clip: 12
    Clip (Dual): 24
    It's pretty old,so I'm not sure whether if it was touched or not.
    Still,kmp9 is a pretty solid gun for 45k(dual),having a dual bullet range,compared to the m4 it fares pretty well.
    It really shines for dual,for single it's not really that good,from personal experience.
    Go for it.
    Mainly on Era-Go,so if you're wanting to talk to me about a subject,shoot me a message or you could even private message me in-game!
    Always have a fun time,even when you're not!

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    They feel faster if you tap.

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