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Thread: (Real Life):Graal Era Video Contest

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    (Real Life):Graal Era Video Contest

    Graal Era Video Contest
    (Home Made Real Life Video)

    Hi everyone,
    We have taken into consideration the fact that some of you are not able to record a video of in-game footage for the In-Game Graal Era Video Contest. Therefore we have decided to extend our scope and create a section where you could create a home made video that is filmed in real life.

    Aim: Anyone that makes a home made and real life video based on Graal Online Era will receive a special dedicated item based on their video.

    Criteria:The requirements to each video are.

    A minimum time of 1 minute 30 seconds (Not just a time waster)
    No swearing or any profanities are allowed throughout the video.
    Must be filled with actual content.
    Must have your Nickname(with Gang) listed in the description of the video: Please wear a gang tag to ensure the legitimacy.
    Two winners will be selected to receive a unique item.
    Runner ups will receive 2 Event Coins.

    Guidelines: You will be judged mainly on two aspects- content and engagement.

    Content includes Creativity, Storylines, Relevance,etc...
    Engagement will be based off an overall rating of how engaging your Video was.

    Deadline: 24 September 2015

    How do I submit my video?
    1.Upload the Video onto YouTube.
    2.Simply copy the link of the video and attach it to this thread.

    Please don't post in this thread unless you are submitting a video.
    Are you up for the challenge?
    Without further ado, I would like to wish everyone the best of luck!

    Notes: Real Life Video Contest can be found at

    - - - Updated - - -

    Both Contests are on going at the same time, the Real Life Video film and the In Game Footage film.
    You may choose to participate in both if you wish.
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    Hope you enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendrick View Post
    To be honest, blue, this is not a good idea for players are exposing themselves to the public. Maybe we are a community, but other people can always look through them on YouTube and cyber-bully. Thus, not a good contest.
    Contests are supposed to be in game not out game criteria.
    It's like if you ask a kid to do a stupid challenge for an item, not a good idea.
    I can totally understand where you are coming from! But, there is always the option to delete the video and whatnot. I personally love the idea for an irl video because I do not have a screen recorder haha.

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    Yeah, collaborations are allowed, it's your choice whether you want to or not.

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    I thought it said 1m to 30s. ill have to add on. this is what i did so far :/
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    Stop spamming posts, if you're going to comment, post a video.
    It makes it harder for the judges to judge if there's people spamming.
    Questions? Don't be afraid to message me.

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    Extended the deadline for the (Real Life) Category to 24th September. Good Luck! =)

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    Will the results be posted on the 25th?

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    Big Cheese Chickenpotpie's Avatar
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    Up north
    Good Luck to everyone, deadline is tomorrow.
    iEra GFX Team
    Will be working.
    Pixel art stream!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickenpotpie View Post
    Good Luck to everyone, deadline is tomorrow.
    Its sorta today.... uhh

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