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Thread: Upload Rules Updates

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    Upload Rules Updates

    Hello everyone.

    Over the past 2 weeks we have gathered suggestions and wishes of you guys regarding new upload rules.
    With those suggestions we have now updated our upload rules. Please take a look and give us feedback on them so we know if we missed anything.

    The upload rules will be made official this weekend. The following includes some additional informations for staffs.
    Feel free to just ignore them.



    Last Update: July 27, 2017

    Upload Administrators:


    - We only allow human and animal heads/bodies. No fictitious beings, no creatures that do not exist today. No extraterrestrial-looking creatures. Animal customs are only allowed as long as they fit in the template. On another note they also need to be pixelated. So no real-life cat images that are cropped in the head template, for example.

    - No staff heads are allowed. No slight edits of them either. There will soon be a room full of staff heads that will be available for players to review.

    - No customs that use different colors in different frames. This is only allowed in death/hit frames. However, the head has to stick to its shape.

    - No images that may be deemed racist or offensive against a player(s) or real-life individuals.

    - No translucent, invisible or small heads and bodies. We do not tolerate uploads that are significantly larger or smaller than the templates.

    - No heads or bodies that only show outlines.

    - No images which may disturb gameplay:
    - flashing heads
    - gore or violent-glowing shields
    - shields that cover more than 50% of the players character
    - no customs which make you appear invisible on certain grounds, such as grass-looking heads or bodies
    - no drug-related images

    - No images that are pictures of real life people and/or real life animals.

    - Respect copyrights and only upload graphics that you have made yourself or that you are authorized to use. Any concepts that are taken from television shows, video games or any other forms of media will not be accepted. It is therefore encouraged that you design original ideas for your graphics to avoid any issues that may arise.

    - No customs that have copyrighted logos on them; such as Batman, Spiderman, Nike, Adidas and so on.

    - Weapons are not allowed to be put on customs. Bodies with guns on their back will be disapproved.

    - No customs that face in the wrong direction. This is a common error with heads.

    - Do not use pure black or pure white in your graphics. These two colors are used for transparency in-game and will not be visible on any images that are uploaded.


    - We only allow small animations on heads. Such as mouth/ears moving as well as eyes blinking. We do not tolerate heads that have smoke coming out of their mouths.

    - Small bandanas on heads are acceptable. As long as they do not cover the entire head, they are to be accepted.

    - We do not allow:
    - Meme heads
    - Food heads
    - Heads with hats on them, such as gas masks or other hats
    - Flashing heads
    - Moving heads
    - Gummy-Bear heads
    - Heads with any type of glasses on it.


    - We do not allow body animations.

    Moreover, we do not allow:
    - Gummy-Bear bodies
    - Blob bodies
    - Bodies with weapons attached
    - Donut and other food bodies
    - Mermaid bodies and other bodies without two legs (they do not work within the player movement animations)


    - No shields which cover, hide and/or replace parts of the head or body. Shields cannot be the same size as a player or be able to cover another player.

    - We do not allow status codes.

    - No shields which show up as hats, heads or bodies.

    - We also do not permit shields that include the head or likeliness of any staff member.

    - We do allow shield animations. However, they should not disturb the gameplay in any way. Please refer to the general rules for that.

    - The maximum width for a shield is < 512 PX and height is < 128 PX.

    Gang Pictures:

    Most pictures are acceptable as long as they do not include images or content that is vulgar or offensive towards someone else. No inappropriate images.

    We do not tolerate:
    - Real-Life Pictures (this includes people as well as animals)
    - Racism
    - Images or words that are offensive or slanderous towards another player or staff
    - Pictures with sexual/pornographic content
    - Drug-related pictures

    Please note:
    Any player who uploads gang pictures with vulgar or sexual content, will receive an immediate warning. If the player decides to submit another inappropriate image, they are at risk of losing their gang as a form of punishment.

    Please visit Era News at Start Park for additional information on uploading and refunding customs. If you upload a custom and suddenly decide to dislike it, you are able to refund the item for the full price. However, this offer is only valid for two hours after your custom upload has been approved by staff, not when you accepted it. If you choose to refund the custom afterwards, you'll receive a half refund.

    If you would like to purchase additional character slots to save your looks, you may also do this for 2,400 Gralats each at Vanderwoodsens slot shop, located in in the West of Southridge.

    Custom Head Uploads - 20,000 Gralats
    Custom Body Uploads - 10,000 Gralats
    Custom Shield Uploads - 2,500 Gralats

    Upload Link:

    If you have any questions regarding uploads please contact Anero or another experienced staff.
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    Have any problems, issues or questions?
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    Alright thanks for notifying us
    Message me any iEra related questions you may have.
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    Ooh I can upload one of my old heads again. Tytytytyty
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey Zanereth View Post
    Guys, it's a real live cave person

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    Thank you for the update panda!
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    What about heads with feathers?

    You guys can give a full refund to heads that were uploaded in 2013 that doesn't follow the rules.
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    Yey i can have my old head back, thanks for the awesome updates Layerd!!

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    The last one on the HEADS: CHANGES: randomly says "are allowed now"

    Thanks for the info!
    Welcome to the forums!

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    No real life pictures of puppies for gang pics? ;-; Oki.
    Computer Science major? I don't know. What's GS2?
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    I wish I was a admin...

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    Now all we need is some new disapproval reasons, lay.

    If we allow copyright stuff, does Nike on someone's body considered approval?

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