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Thread: Damage Testers on Each Table.

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    Damage Testers on Each Table.

    I have a suggestion to a avoid one type of scamming.
    I feel concern when when someone ask what is the damage of that thing that he/or she offering or handling, so he/she would say LIES about his/her weapon.
    For example.
    Player 1 is offering a cookie sword and he is chatting the price for 200 tro and he is saying its 9dmg. Then Player 2 who is a beginner who worked so hard just to buy a good weapon went to the table of Player 1. So player 2 offered his 200 tro to Player 1's cookie sword and they both accepted so on, 15 seconds. Player 2 tested the weapon on his/her house and he/she saw it's 7 damage.
    And it is placed in the top left and top right of the table.

    It's ok if this thread is denied or accepted. Atleast I've given them a suggestion..
    I don't like signatures.

    Oh, wait. I have one though.

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