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Thread: Ideas for the Bus Shop contest participants

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    What contest?...
    Quote Originally Posted by XSTARX
    2 warnings and 1 infrac, you don't learn, do you?
    Quote Originally Posted by *Z.D The Great
    ^ ? I only learn from the Best.
    Quote Originally Posted by hohi416
    You made the greatest mistake of your life lol

    would you rather watch boku no pico series or live in attack on titan

    watch some sht u said because ik attack on titans.. horrifying
    Quote Originally Posted by *Z.D The Great
    No, the greatest mistake was reading your msg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Everwhist View Post
    Buddhist dosent belive in a god. They also know that budda is NOT a god. I think they think hes human? I dont know, but Buddhist dose not have a god.

    *Whispers* Where's the wizard shop, harry!
    Oh, well, we already have magic wands, and some staffs that makes electric shocks or water shots. But adding a HP-like wand would be cool too
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    Ideas for the Bus Shop contest participants

    You need to look into your religions a bit more. @Mystic
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    Quote Originally Posted by b418smitten View Post
    You need to look into your religions a bit more. @Mystic
    Im not Buddhist, im christan. But i swore i read that in this article... Oh well! Sorry for the false facts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BioHazardEra View Post
    Here's some of my ideas :

    -A videogame shop, like arcade machines (which are free to use and doesn't give you tickets), posters, shelfs full of figurines, video games and collector box, and some weapons like a "falcon punch" like melee making an explosion.
    -An asian (Not chinese, korean or japanese stuff only, also russian, indian or other asian country furnitures) shop, including tatamis, a Buddha statue (with a noob head for lol), or some buildings like Shangaï skycrapers, the Tokyo tower, the Taj Mahal or Minin and Pozharsky, and with weapons, like katanas, spears, indian cavalry sabers, or russian daggers.
    -A military shop, with more military bodies, helmets, guns, training furniture (like punching balls) (Note to myself : Add in the Improvements section "add bulletproof vests").
    -An amusement park shop, with pop corn machines, little trains with rails and cotton candy machines, and with some cool weapons.
    -A secret agent shop, with suits, guns, sunglasses, COMPUTERS, COMPUTERS AND MORE COMPUTERS! AND SUITCASES! (just used as an item, not to hide a gun.)
    -A hoodie shop, with good models, like geeky hoodies, for example.
    -An assassin shop, with hoods, knives and capes.
    -A social media shop, with computers, phones and TVs (with a little animation, especially for the phone and the computer).

    Well, I think that's all.
    Maybe we should gather a huge group to protest about this idea....

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