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Thread: Josh Graal's Level Thread

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    Your most recent levels are fabulous. The control room was masterfully made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Graal View Post
    Hi All,
    Here i'm going to be posting the levels i've made.
    To see all of my levels in one page click here
    CC is appreciated!

    I made this today, first time creating so I just messed around a bit and tried to get the hang of things. I understand it's very plain and large.
    *I will be adding more decorations and using my space better (hopefully) in future levels
    View it by clicking Here



    Wish the last one could be a Gang house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginary View Post
    He scams a lot with Javah
    I don't think anybody would want to see a scammer as a staff member
    Wait what .-.

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