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Thread: Era Newspaper - 80th Edition

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    Era Newspaper - 80th Edition

    Welcome to the 80th edition of Mercy News! Here you will find out what is happening on the Streets of Era!

    (This week's edition will feature 78th and 79th as well.)

    Check out our official Photo Stream for this edition at:

    Recent Updates
    (Updates from 1/10/16 - 1/29/16)

    - Announcement: The newspaper will no longer be sold in the newspaper building. As a mutual decision among other staff, the newspaper will now be on Era-Go forums where players can read/comment.

    - Magicwhistle was recently hired to the Gani Team!

    - Sh0otingstar was recently hired to the European Player Relations Team!

    - Ember was recently hired to the Graphics Team!

    - Menace2Society got recently their awesome gold hideout! You can find it next to the Lethal Securities base.

    - Kroshallik was hired in November to the European Player Relations. If you didn't congratulate her yet, shoot her a PM! This week's edition features an in-depth interview on Kroshallik. Check it out in the 'Staff profile' section!

    - Midknight killer and Handcuffs had received their prize hats from Crypt 2015!!

    - Coster Revla had created an Exotic Coin guide inside his house! His house is known to be used for other guides as well. This Exotic Coin guide features the guns that can be bought with the requirement of an Exotic Coin. 'I hope players can learn where the shop is and some background info on the guns.' says Mr. Revla. The guides will show you the locations of the room as well other important details. Come check out the house and see for yourself!

    (End of 78th Edition Updates)
    - Stilts was recently hired to the GAni team!

    - Slimmy was recently hired to the LAT Team!

    - ItzTerry was recently hired to the Newspaper Team!

    - Star Friends
    This new option was recently added to the game! All you have to do to add a friend to that list is to go to your friend's profile, 'More Actions' and press the button 'Add / Remove Star Friend". You can add up to 3 friends or even 10 if you're a VIP!

    - Facebook contest!
    Don't forget to like or share the Facebook post (on our official Facebook page) to have a chance to win on of the awesome 10 prizes!

    - French Toast Shop
    Era recently inaugurated a new shop found in the mall! Don't forget to check it out and see all of its awesome items.

    - New Block List Feature
    It can be accessed through the 'Friends' button in the menu. It's now easier to manage!

    (End of 79th and 80th Edition updates)

    Player Profile Section

    Player Profile - Chris Sparks
    Question 1: "What do you enjoy doing in Era?"
    I enjoy Forting with vff and making YouTube videos for graalians.

    Question 2: "Sounds like fun, so what made you decide to start making YouTube videos about Era?"

    Well I saw london which is great guy doing it and he inspired me to create videos! Also because I good with editing.

    Question 3: "What kind of videos do you make?”
    I like to create funny videos to make people laugh and do vlogs on my personal life in and out of graal.

    Question 4: "That’s great, what is your channel called?"

    BfvsGf Graal!

    Player Profile- SasTree
    Question 1: "What do you enjoy doing in Era?"
    Well I love talking to my friends I met at school and also I love talking to people I grow close to.

    Question 2: "Ok nice, what is the origin of your name SasTree?"
    My name was Sas3 it sounds close to SasTree but if you talking about my original Sas3 I got it from a game called Sas Zombie Assault 3…good game cx.

    Question 3: “Oh wow, so why do you always wear green year round?"
    I like the color Green and I’m really lazy to save up money for a body so the only green body I have is A Tree and I tried making everything Green and coincidently all my Christmas or winter clothing are green.

    Question 4: "Who is your favorite admin?"
    Aero, He mostly helped me with many problems really.

    Player Profile- UnderbossWolf
    Question 1: "How did you end up with 500k? Did you invest, was there anybody that helped?"
    I bought the Gralats because when I started my friend told me about auctions and I got interested.

    Question 2: "I see you working towards an auction item, are you a constant auction buyer, how long have you been in the business?"
    I have been in the auction business for about 4 years I took a 1 year break to relax came back and see.

    Question 3: "What is your auctions item goal and why?"

    My auction item goal is probably anything I just love the feeling of winning an auction.

    Question 4: "Ok clever, besides the auction business, what are you passionate about in playing this game? Why do you personal play this game, what is the purpose?"

    It's about the community around us and how we play I just fell in love with it.

    Question 5: "Are you familiar with the Era Go community? What advice can you offer to the players representing this community around us?"

    I am very familiar with the era go community and I would advice them to continue working hard.


    Staff Profile

    Staff Profile- Kirzey
    Question 1: "What job do you have on Era?"
    I’m a Developer.

    Question 2: "What does your job involve doing?"
    My job involves making new content for players, GFX, levels, ganis etc.. as a Developer you’re multi-functional.

    Question 3: "Wow that is a lot, so why did you want to become part of the staff team?"

    I firstly wanted to join the Staff team to help out players as a PR, I then wished to move into development, which is why I was a part of the LAT Team and now, a Developer.

    Question 4: "What about your job is fun?"
    My job is pretty fun, as you never do the same thing daily. A day I can be making levels while the next day I’m doing GFX, it’s never the same thing.

    Question 5: "That keeps you on your toes haha, has there been any weird moments while staffing?"
    Of course such as when making up a script, and that it doesn't go the way expected.

    Staff Profile- Kroshallik (Special Interview)

    1st question:" I understand you are a PR for the Europe team. During your time zone, do you have any team members you work with? How is the player population at that time?"
    Yes, I’m EU PR. Of course, I work with Kitokat, Joey Audi, Joud, Onyas and others. Also there’s PR’s from another team. There are a lot of players who need my help in this time. It depends on what day is it. In weekends its 3300+, in normal days 2000+

    2nd question: "What is one thing fun about your job? What is one thing that is hard?"
    There’s not a lot of fun in PR job, but I like it because of friendly and responsible admins team. What’s hard? Hmm….sometimes, when I’m the only PR online, it can be hard to do everything by yourself, but I cope with it.

    3rd question: "Was getting hired to the PR team one of your biggest goals when you were starting this game? What were your thoughts when you found out you were picked?"
    First time, when I just started playing Era I didn’t knew that I can apply to the admins team. So I had other goals like get a certain amount of kills/hours, get certain gun or join one, of top gangs. But later getting hired to the PR team has become my biggest goal. I’ve been trying to apply more than 3 years. First time I had problems with my English language and Era knowledge. But I was improving it every day, month, and year. And I finally got hired. When I got a message about my hire I was really surprised! And I couldn’t believe it for a week since hired.

    4th question: "In what ways can players contribute to the community in a good way to help the staff team?"
    They should report every person who is breaking rules immediately. Also, they should follow rules.

    5th question: "Any recommendations for players who want to work in the Player Relations team in the future?"

    Yes. Dear players! If you want to join PR team – improve your Era knowledge – make it bigger and bigger. Always help newbies! Follow rules and if someone is breaking them – report immediately. And main thing – Never give up! Follow your goal!

    Click here: for part 2 of the edition
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    Think you got something for Era to know about? Well, you can submit all your stories to the News Team.
    If you got any questions regarding that, email me at [email protected]
    Thank you, happy writing!

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    Great paper! I liked reading it this way better.

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    Look at the effort put into this

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    Really nice!
    (I think there should be some images in the future, too.)
    Computer Science major? I don't know. What's GS2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graalian View Post
    - Magicwhistle was recently hired to the Gani Team!
    He's out now iirc.

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    Always enjoy reading the newspaper lol.
    Coster Revla~

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    Love this new forum version!

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