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Thread: How to Post Series!

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    How to Post Series!


    So I've seen most of you are having problems or have no idea how to post a picture, gif file, or video. I've merged my threads so you can find everything at once, instead of having to search for them one by one.

    How to Post a Video

    This is fairly quick and simple.

    Step #1 - Click the button circled in red.
    Screenshot (246).jpg

    Step #2 - Paste in the link you want copied into the bar and click okay.
    Screenshot (247).jpg

    Step #3 - Now all you need to do is hit "post quick reply"
    Screenshot (248).jpg

    Step #4 - Good luck and have fun. Here's my link, have some nice music. X)


    How to Post a Picture

    Refer to Enfy's guide to post images via imgur

    (For forum use)

    So I've been seeing newcomers having problems uploading images, or are oblivious as how to upload a picture for the use of the forums.
    Here's a little guide on how to do so.
    NOTE: Click the images to view the tutorial.

    1. Click that little button that's circled.
    Screenshot (83)tut.jpg

    2. After clicking the button, you'll be sent here. This one, you can click either from a URL or Upload from File. Click the one you prefer.
    Screenshot (84)tut.jpg

    ---URL Section---

    3. For the URL, put your link in the space below, and uncheck the little box.
    Screenshot (85)tut.jpg

    4. Press Ok, and your image code will pop up like so.
    Screenshot (91).jpg

    ---FILE Section---

    Screenshot (86)tut.jpg

    6. Choose whichever image you want to upload, then click open or hit enter.
    Screenshot (87)tut.jpg

    Screenshot (88)tut.jpg

    Screenshot (90)tut.jpg

    9. Here's your image!
    Screenshot (92).jpg

    Boom. You're done.


    How to Post a Gif File

    Step #1 - Look up .gifs on google images or a .gif site, right click on it and go to copy image address.
    Screenshot (243).jpg

    Step #2 - Next step is to click this button where the red circle is.
    Screenshot (244).png

    Step #3 - Lastly, paste or ctrl + v the .gif url you copied into the bar and uncheck the box.
    Screenshot (245).jpg

    Step #4 - Next it will show up in your text box, and all you need to do is just hit "post quick reply."
    Screenshot (249).jpg

    Step #5 - You're done! Have fun!
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    Awesome guide!
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    Great guide! Literally Step by step.
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    I would really laugh if people still don't get your guide.

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    10/10 Great guide, would guide again!
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    I click every picture. Literally serious? xD

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    For the URL Guide, you can just find a good image uploader, imgur is recommending.

    Now, once you uploaded the image, you want to set Link to Direct Link and copy the URL.

    Example of the Code

    Sometimes the plugin revokes the url, so its useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkGraal View Post
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    WHAT DO I DO!?
    It's an issue involving your quota, It's getting fixed, don't freak out.
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    Darn, it's the link again lol
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