Player Story

Title: The Golden Noob

Once upon a time in Era, a noob walked the streets, he wasn't very popular, but he didn't care he was just a noob. He was getting shot at like the usual by another player, he didn't care, at that time he wasn't concerned about his kd or any of his stats. But then this player pulled out a gun-but it wasn't just any gun, it was golden. The noob fełl in love with it and he asked the player "what gun is that?" "A psg1" replied the player. "Where can I get it?" Asked the noob.
After a few minutes the player finally said "By aqquiring 150k kills and 80k gralats, at that moment he was certain that he was gonna dedicate time to achieving his goal. He made pizzas, picked up trash and bought a car taxi so he could make a few bucks to get his starting gun. he bought a metalstorm, he thought a good gun should have a gold skin, but he had to find that out the hard way. After being disappointed he decided not to give up and to keep pursuing his goal of getting a psg 1. He got thousands of kills daily, he got 100k within 3 months and he found a hat, and he got it. He also bought a p2k which had a gold skin at 125k kills.
Later in springtime he got 150k at last. He was very excited and he got the guns with gold skins, but he felt like something was missing, his outfit needed to be gold to. After several searches he found a golden body and head. He bought them and he went on the streets causing chaos, but he was happy, after only a few months he achieved what he wanted, he was very proud of himself. Now he felt like a noob, a Golden Noob.

- Giuseppe

Title: Alone


I had always felt as there was something odd about era. One day I logged in to go pick some trash. As I started collecting I noticed there wasn't many people around, in fact there was no one around. I found this to be really weird as there is usually a lot of people on the streets of era. I looked at the map and found that there was 0 players online. I immediately knew something was wrong. I looked at my friend list and it was empty, as if there was never another graalian. All the players and gangs were wiped off the server as if they never existed. I figured maybe they were doing server maintenance and I just happened to get on the server somehow. If I was the only one on, might as well have some fun. I went to every base and took it, better to have some hours when the server gets online. As I was sitting in blackholster there was an event message. This did not make any sense, now I knew I wasn't alone. I stepped out of bh and the map looked different. It wasn't a map at all, it was a room. The room was empty and had two doors. Everything on the screen was gone except the movement joystick. Then another server message popped up, it said "There are two doors, one will lead to your freedom and one will lead to you being forever stuck and alone in this server with an eternal responsibility, choose wisely." I went towards one for the left door but hesitated, I looked over to the right door and made my decision. I walked right through the right door. The screen turned black, did I choose right, was I back in the real server. The disconnect icon popped up and I tapped on reconnect. I immediately recognized it. "You have chosen wrong, Snk, you will eternally be responsible for managing era from this server. It is now your responsibility not mine."

- Zernov


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