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Thread: Era Newspaper - 82nd Edition

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    Era Newspaper - 82nd Edition

    Welcome to the 82nd edition of Mercy News! Here you will find out what is happening on the Streets of Era!

    If you want to submit your own stories or articles click here for a guide:

    Check out our official Photo Stream for this edition at:

    Recent Updates
    (Updates from 2/8/16 - 2/25/16)

    New PRs!
    ItzTerry and Drake were recently added to the Player Relations Team! Congratulations.

    New VIP item.
    A new VIP item was added. "The heart slasher" cuts all damage by 25% and also deals 6 damage with a chance of knock back! Do not miss this exclusive item that you can get by subscribing yourself to VIP (you will also enjoy other perks)!

    New GFX!
    A new graphics artist was recently hired. Chiara, congratulations


    Player Profile Section

    Player Profile - Bobsmitten
    Question 1: "To start off Bob, why don't you tell us a little bit about your background?"
    Oh boy, I’m a 17 year old heading into college next year for biochemistry. I’ve always wanted to help people and see the world be a better place. Biochemistry is the best of my interest in science and helping. Recently... today, I came back to Graal looking to get back into it.

    Question 2: "Nice to know, you've found something you're passionate about. What are some of the things you learned from Graal to apply to your everyday life?"
    Oh boy, that everyone, no matter how weak or strong, young or old can become a great friend for years to come. And shells can buy giant swords, of course

    Question 3: "What do you plan to accomplish now that you are back in the game?"
    Well my biggest goal would be to get my position as PR back, but that’s a long shot. More realistically hope to make a ton of friends and get back into trading.

    Question 4: "You're a trader? How’s that working about for you?"
    Awfully, I haven't traded an item since before I was hired it feels like.

    Question 5: "What do you see yourself doing in 10 years, in terms of Graal or just in life generally?"
    Oh man, finding cures for diseases and helping as many people as possible, in real life of course. In Graal, I’d like to see myself as an admin again, don’t know what else I have plans for.

    Question 6: ''So you use to be an admin yourself back in 2013. To wrap this up, what is your number one advice to all players who are trying to become a part of the PR team?"
    Don’t know if it was 2013, but number one is never giving up! If I could become one so can you, I wasn’t special in anyway shape or form, I'm just another player c:


    Guides Section

    G'day, Graalians!
    Today I'll be talking about how to make a successful gang!

    Naming your gang-

    This is totally optional but it's good if your gang
    has a name that everyone would remember or like!

    A catchy name would be of a rhyme, eg. Attachment 24207

    It's also a good thing if someone could see what the gang does just by reading the name.
    Attachment 24208 Tetris Family GST
    It's pretty obvious that they gang spar and attempt to make it into the GST!

    Attachment 24209 Ventus Family Fort
    Again, you can tell they do forts just by looking at the name!

    Getting Members-

    (Note, if you're a non competitive sparring gang, you can always recruit people at the arena!)

    Get some good friends to join the gang and tell them to keep on tag! This promotes
    the gang by showing loyalty and teamwork.
    You can also form an alliance with another gang and help them out in exchange for their help.

    Promoting The Gang-
    There's many ways to promote your gang and the main way is to look good.
    Make your gang news neat!
    Another good way to look good is by doing good in whatever your gang specialises in!
    You can also streak with your gang tag on, this doesn't always work but it will for streaking gangs.

    Maintaining Leadership-
    You won't always be online so I suggest giving loyal member's ranks.
    You can also give the highest rank to one member who's proven his loyalty more than anyone else.
    This works well with the new gang system that's been added!
    Attachment 24210 This is your rank! The leader has the highest rank of all (obviously)

    Attachment 24211 These are the current ranks there are.
    It's very convenient, I'll explain how it goes.
    Rank 5 Is the highest non leader rank. He who has it and the power to kick can kick everyone except the leader. Rank 4 cannot kick rank 5 but can kick everyone lower, same goes for rank 3, 2, 1 but if you don't have any of these ranks, you may not kick anyone.
    You can also change member rank titles as always!

    Being Successful for basers-
    A good way to take a base is by getting a ton of members online!
    You may also create a sub gang so you have more space for members! You should always make allies as well, as they can help by giving tips or just helping you base.

    Being Successful for sparrers-
    Spar regularly! Get good at sparring yourself, because it won't be much of a sparring
    gang of the leader sucks.

    Being Successful for streakers-
    Recruit great, individual streakers and get heard!
    Have the streaking essentials and work technically.

    Being Successful for forters-
    Get a lot of people! Strength in numbers, it's a great way to overcome your enemy.
    Be very technical about the time and work out a signature strategy and steamroll your enemies!

    Extra Tips-
    At least 1-2 drunk lads/fatties (BARS/Miniguns) or something better every time you base!
    Please take note of this as some gangs lack in this!

    Advertise at Start or on the forums.

    Form close bonds with your members.

    Great! You now have the plan to be the leader of a soon to be, great gang!
    That's all for me today!

    Aur revoir, laddies.


    Featured videos of the week:

    1. The perspective of a Graal baby

    2. This is interesting concept of recreating guns by combining them together!

    3. Mikerbiker reviews the top 5 player-killing guns for the year of 2016!


    Trending Threads on Era-Go

    Trending Threads

    New contest!
    Oh, what are you saying? There's a new contest?! A new contest recently started, the flower contest. If you're interested, open the link below!

    Gang Rewards Discussion!
    A new interesting thread created by Light to discuss new gang rewards. If you have any creative thoughts don't hesitate to post them up there!


    Click this link for Part 2:
    Think you got something for Era to know about? Well, you can submit all your stories to the News Team.
    If you got any questions regarding that, email me at [email protected]
    Thank you, happy writing!

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    "Do you even ec bro?"

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    Great paper!

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    I love how you post part 2 before you post part 1
    Trying to be different I see

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    Neat! Something that can be fixed is the resolution of the pixels behind the design.
    Computer Science major? I don't know. What's GS2?
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    It's nice to see my video being featured !!!
    Questions? Don't be afraid to message me.

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    Woo hoo!

    Ex Player Relations, Ex Newspaper Team
    Quote Originally Posted by ItzTerry!
    In Terry we Trust

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    'How to run a successful gang' - lmao.

    At least I don't have to pay for the news.

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