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Thread: Era Newspaper - 83rd Edition(Part 2)

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    Era Newspaper - 83rd Edition(Part 2)

    Player Story

    Title: A New Beginning

    Attachment 26596 Winter is coming to a end in era, i think back when thick layers of snow would cover the ground and the bitter, wind would make me tear. I sometimes close my eyes and daydream of Spring. I imagine the snow melting into the ground and nourishing the tiny seeds beneath the soil. I think of those seeds springing to life and turning into thousands of red, yellow, pink, and purple flowers. The flowers that are so beautiful, every player wants to harvest them. To give to loved ones or simply to sell. Attachment 26597 I imagine the dry, brown grass turning green and growing lush and thick. I think of the bare trees budding with flowers and new leaves. I see the birds building nests and the robins singing in their branches. I imagine the air turning warm once again and the sun nourishing the world with its golden light.

    I imagine every player to have new goals. To start new and forget the old! I imagine new players beginning thier new journey amoung era. As this is a new year. 2016. Where the new grows and the old dies. Attachment 26598

    - Pringlez

    Player Article

    Title: Royalz Guide to Basing

    Like basing? Want to start up your own gang but have no idea how to get started? This is just the right article for you!

    Starting Up: A gang would not be a gang without some loyal members right? Do you have any friends in real life that play era too? They will make the most loyal members when getting started. Besides that, you can also get friends you have met when you started playing to help you start up your own gang.

    Getting started: Now once you have the manpower, it's time to take some action! This is the time to learn the basics of leading, and trying out different techniques. When starting out, your goal is to find more loyal members, and to find which basing style suits you best. Once you have a few members, head to a base which layout you prefer, whether it is large or small, or has tight and narrow corridors. At the base, recruit some of the people to help you out. Don't worry if initially no one is keen to join. As time goes on, more and more people will be willing to help you.

    Moving on: Once you have acquired the techniques of leading a basing gang, and have some loyal members, you can now move on to the next level of basing. If the enemy has more manpower, it has a higher chance of winning. On the other hand, if the enemy number is small, there is a higher chance that you can successfully raid the base. Say showguild [Gang name] using public chat to find out who and how many members are online. If there is a base with few members, get all your members there, recruit any pkers or solo players there, then kill all the enemies. Lastly of course, bring the flag down to zero with your gang mates and celebrate for a few moments!

    Holding on: Anyone can get the base by luck, but actually holding the base is a different thing altogether. To hold a base, you need the manpower, and besides that, your members will need to have a minimum amount of skill, or all of them would be gunned down in a matter of seconds and well, there goes the base. A good technique in defending the base is to first kill all enemies and flag rushers, then go to heal the flag when all enemies are down. This way, there would be a lower chance of having no one to guard the flag, and the flag would be yours for a considerably longer period of time

    Increasing experience: Besides attacking bases with few members, it is sometimes easier to attack bases with more members, but less skilled members. With 5 to 6 of your members, you can easily gun all of them down. There are also 2 general types of basing. One of which is quality, and the other, quantity. For quality, you should recruit only skilled players, and you would not need huge manpower to capture the base. However, for quantity, you should recruit as many people as you can, and use an overwhelming amount of people to capture the base instead.

    Summing up: All this methods have been tried and tested and they really work. Following this methods, my gang has currently 269 basing hours and they are still increasing as we gain more experience.

    - SHARP


    (On the side note, there has been a drastic decrease on newspaper submissions, please submit your articles and stories and if you're selected you'll be rewarded! )

    If you want to learn how to submit articles and stories, click this link:
    Think you got something for Era to know about? Well, you can submit all your stories to the News Team.
    If you got any questions regarding that, email me at [email protected]
    Thank you, happy writing!

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    So newspapers are released every Wednesday now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshimitsu View Post
    So newspapers are released every Wednesday now?
    It should be consistent.

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    Pringlez rings a bell too, a scammer who hosted a 'giveaway' and never gave anything away.
    E M I N E M

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