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Thread: Era Newspaper - 83rd Edition

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    Era Newspaper - 83rd Edition

    Welcome to the 83rd edition of Mercy News! Here you will find out what is happening on the Streets of Era!

    If you want to submit your own stories or articles click here for a guide:

    Check out our official Photo Stream for this edition at:

    Recent Updates
    (Updates from 2/25/16 - 3/15/16)

    Spring is here!
    Spring has just invaded Era with its awesome green color! Ice has also melted and everyone can enjoy swimming again.

    Vday hearts
    Sadly, the Valentine Day hearts event will come to an end this weekend. So try to spend your hearts before the shop closes!

    New PRs!
    Welcome with us, our newest Australian/Asian Player Relations: Kuroyuki and Sharp!

    New LAT Admin
    Congratulations to UntilTheMoonRises for getting promoted to the LAT Admin position!!

    Player Profile Section

    Player Profile - Beta Dorvay
    Question 1: "What do you enjoy doing on Era?"
    I enjoy making graphics for players and seeing them walk around with my creations. I also enjoy trading as the road to gaining rarer supers takes patience and smart decisions. Plus, i enjoy flawing P.g. and Junior in spar.

    Question 2: "Which is your favorite base to base at and why?"
    I don’t base LOL if I want a gun skin or a hat I’d rather hop on a player world’s server

    Question 3: "Why don’t you tell us about the player world that you Co-Own?"
    Well, the server is called Grand Evolution, it’s accessible to all players through player worlds which is still being developed. The theme of the server is literally evolution, including Jurassic, old fashioned, modern, and futuristic maps. You can play by quest or choose to free roam, but as you progress throughout the game, your items and weapons evolve, becoming more powerful and more deadly. At the moment we are currently hiring Level Artists, Gani Artists, Graphics Artists, and Scripters. Feel free to come and check it out for yourself! =]

    Question 4: "Who are your favorite admins?"
    Bailey, Chief, Bidi, Kitokat, Bram, Integration, iBliss, Jasics, Vicip0wer, Jeni.

    Player Profile - James Davila
    Question 1: “What do you enjoy doing in Era?”
    I like Being in Mafia guilds.

    Question 2: “What mafia guild are you in?”
    I am currenty in Castillo but Trying to bring back mine named Davila.

    Question 3: “Does your gang control any map areas?
    Davila controlled the Turks, Box factory and Aimpoints.

    Question 4: "What does your role as a staff member involve in doing?"
    Many with the Tattiglias up North and the Cartels down South.

    Guides Section

    First of all, you would regularly get new friends of course and every family has their own
    purpose of why they're together. For example-

    Oligarches: These guys are based around M2S and are
    the best of the best basers around. As I said, there's 4 Chems in M2S and 3 of them
    are the Oligarches. With a new addition of Mayu, the old leader of Ebizou Base.

    Dynamics: I believe these guys were also basers as well as sparrers.
    No one has really known wat they've been up to recently but I see a few of them around.

    Dorvays: Wow, Vendhin and Reno should be proud as their family name lives on
    around the whole world. The Dorvays are a helping family and always see to what they can do
    to assist you. For example, Guy Dorvay has a great house with 8 Different sections which include
    the best guns, status codes, achievements and much more!

    Tetris's: They used to be a YouTube gang but now they move on to sparring.
    Most of them originated from DeadSec and some occasionally bases with them.
    There's quite a lot of them but most have quitted after the inactivity of their leader, Tony Tetris.

    Ventus's: Currently, they're based around Ventus Family Fort where they attend
    a fort killer for prize money. There's really good people there and people are always welcome to join

    Zanereths: Eh, sorry to say but the only member I know is Mikey. These guys are a forum/chill/pro/oldies gang.

    Deniros: They aren't as popular but this is sorta a chill gang. iBlue Deniro (Tetris) is the founder
    of the Deniro family. They now work alongside Legacy in fort killers.

    Sexc's: You guys remember Tink Sexc right? She was that one PR who would be the Lady Gaga of Graal. She had a posse of girls who just chilled out. No one actually knows where they are at this moment.

    Edit: I guess I forgot a few families. Thanks to Kendrick who placed it back in my mind.

    Zephlyns:One of the oldest families in Era, there's still a lot of them around.
    It was made by one of the PR/Gfx members I believe but I don't exactly know who.

    Luceros: How could I forget Bulldog? He's one of the best LAT members in the staff
    and his family's based around Gfx and LAT.

    Magus's: Champions of the gang spar community, these guys won the first and second GST in a row! Magus is a force to be reckoned with.



    Trending Threads on Era-Go

    Trending Threads

    Bring back the Juggernaut event
    Recently, Lotzy has made a thread asking for the revival of the Juggernaut event, where a staff makes his or her HP to 5000 + and Run around the map while being chased and hunted by players, whoever manages to get the killing blow on to the admin would get an EC or a prize.
    So what do you think? Should it be revived? Let us know by commenting on the thread!


    What kind of jobs do you do to grind gralats? Do you think there's a superior job amongst them that gives you the highest income in the shortest amount of time? Share it with us!


    New LAT and Mod
    Saint has been hired as a LAT staff and Nikki has been hired as era-go's mod! Well deserved to the two of them. Come down and congratulate them in these threads!



    Click this link for Part 2:
    Think you got something for Era to know about? Well, you can submit all your stories to the News Team.
    If you got any questions regarding that, email me at [email protected]
    Thank you, happy writing!

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    Wahoo! Neat job!
    Good job on the promotion, Untilthemoonrises.
    Computer Science major? I don't know. What's GS2?
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    You've done it again! Good job.
    "Do you even ec bro?"

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    Congrats new staffs! job as pr is soon to come...

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    Wait what xD I didnt even know I counted as a mafia family lol.

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    lol el patron made it lmao

    - - - Updated - - -

    Great job tho *claps*
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    0-0 awesome freaking jobs guys kinda sad ice is gone ;/ that was fast transportation lol
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    El Patron C? rings a bell, the guy who full on swore and continuously harassed me.
    E M I N E M

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    The mafia section was disappointing. At least the mob was acknowledged, however. A more prominent mobster should've been interviewed, not James Davlia (who has never ran a mob that lasted longer than 1 week in his whole Graal career). Maybe interview TBM, Sonny, Bruno, or someone else. It was refreshing to see LilCaballo get a word in the paper, though.

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    In response to Beta Dorvay's answer as to "Who are your favorite admins?"

    Haven't most of them resigned or something?
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