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Thread: Useful links 2017

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    Useful links 2017

    Instead of scrambling over the forums trying to find these key information, I've bundled them here, so bookmark this thread!

    iEra Rules

    Forum Rules

    Forum Guide

    Upload Rules


    Toonslab (Support)

    Toonslab FAQ

    Admin List

    "Jailed for no reason"

    Staff Roles

    If you have an issue or comment about a specific staff member, have a forum or discord inquiry, question about newspapers, followups on support tickets - email [email protected]

    Failure to follow these templates will filter emails automatically to the deleted folder.
    Email Templates

    Issue/Comment about a staff member

    Subject: Inquiry about [Staff Name]
    Your in-game name:
    Your GraalID:
    Date and time of incident:
    Briefly describe what happened:
    *Attach photo evidence*

    Forum Inquiry

    Subject: Forum Inquiry - [Your forum username]
    Describe issue:
    What have you done to try to fix the issue:

    Discord Inquiry

    Subject: Discord Inquiry - [Your discord username]
    Describe issue:
    What have you done to try to fix the issue:

    Newspaper questions

    To submit newspapers email [email protected]
    Newspaper Admin email: [email protected]

    Toonslab followup

    Subject: Toonslab followup - [Ticket number]
    In-game name:
    Date original ticket sent:
    Number of tickets of the same issue submitted:
    Number of tickets replied by staff:
    Staff response on previous tickets if any:
    Why are you following up with this ticket:
    Staff Download Package

    If you are hired, make sure you are familiar with how to use Graal Client and Remote Control. These are things you will need. You will only need to use the authenticator after you are hired.

    Graal Client:
    Remote Control 3:
    Google Authentication Android:
    Google Authentication iOS:

    EDIT: Jan 27 - Added staff downloads
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    Toonslab FAQ [email protected]

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    Nice guide ace!
    Add me on Era - Clooft

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    Nice. one era

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