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Thread: The price of guns.

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    I can earn 10k Gralats a day by doing Speedy Pizzas at Veteran place :/
    20 days for BAR.

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    I think its more like, you can get cheaper guns that sometimes even overpowers bars, etc but you won't get the same 'respect' . For example, I have a Metalstorm or Shipka (both better than bar IMO) and this guy have got a P2K skin bar, has 150k kills and I also have 150k kills and our stats are both on private, the other guy might have got the higher respect because of the additional perks that comes with owning a bar. Most gangs select their gun skins to be a bar, therefore if you are an extremely high rank in that gang but you have a Metalstorm, other ranks would receive a gun skin but you cannot (you basically worked for nothing).
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    Please don?t bump old threads in an answered questions section...

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