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    Wink Certain Issues


    Yes I made a thread earlier about the Newspaper but it was on a different question, and I have asked that thread to be closed. So is it possible if a Newspaper admin can tell me some of the articles that Gangs have hit certain milestones like Gang hours, Gst, Crypt, Hideouts, etc. I have most of the newspapers just wondering if I could relook them over by knowing which ones they actually are. Yes I am now aware that there aren't newspaper in-game just on forums thank you

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    In order of the first Newspaper (located by clicking the "Era News" tab above) to the most recent one that holds what you're looking for is as follows-
    100- Basing milestone
    101- Crypt advertisement made by Zed
    102- Spar update
    103- Crypt update
    105- Underground Spar
    106- More crypt info
    107- Spar hangout

    Just searched through 'em all and wrote down what I found by skimming through.
    You may find more if you read them yourself, like I said, I only skimmed through so I may of missed something.
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