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Thread: Got IP Banned For Speed Hacking In A Scammer Account.

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    Got IP Banned For Speed Hacking In A Scammer Account.

    So recently i found someone that was buying account's for ingame currency (trochus/shovels... all that stuff) And told him that i wanted to buy his account for 10k trochus ! He had so much guns that this was the offer of the year. So we took 5min for him to get into his "transaction account" and told me that he wants 5k first.... And i was like nahhhh scammer and got away.

    5min later he pm me again saying that he wants to give me the account first! but not the access to the actual email... you know that that mean's right?? he can revoke acess anytime.. :/ So yea i pretty much knew he was scamming at this point. He gave me access to his account in 20min and checked what he had... nothing only guns like he said (no gralats, nothing to trade so he cant get scam - he knew what hes doing) So what i did is speed hacking in is account for a little and asking ppl to report me. (not destroying other players experience by shooting them - only running arround to get bann) It took like 15min to get an admin and get bannn 3months! I was pretty happy about banning a scammer and played all night long like i usely do but when i woke up the next morning i was IP banned on all my accounts.

    Should i get bann for being a hero ?

    I honesly dont even know !

    Here is a video of it :

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    That is not the smartest thing you could have done.
    You should have walked away when you suspected a scam. You took it too far with the speed hacking.
    If you get banned on one IP address, if any account logs on to that IP, guilty or not, they get the same punishment as the person who originally got banned first.
    Have a nice day!

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