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Thread: Arcade Improvements

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    Arcade Improvements

    OK. So I've been recently going into arcade gaining tickets for the specific weapon i'd like, and turns out it's incredibly hard to gain tickets. I have 13,000 tickets but that's from playing arcade games a while back. Now that I came back and wanting the weapon i've been craving for it'll take years to get it due to the lack of gaining tickets depending on the arcade game and how good you do in that specific game. It would be different if whoever ran the arcade building would add new items time to time. But, since they never changed it and nobody goes in anymore can you add whatever the score was on white tiles is the amount of tickets you get, for flappy snk 1 and 2 doubled the tickets you get for the score you had, road trip i don't even know lol, stack 100 for small prize and 500 for bigger since it's harder, etc. I say this because arcade hasn't changed ever since it's gotten there it suddenly stopped with adding stuff, and so hard to gain tickets.
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    More items should be added. And more games would give more attention

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ4 View Post
    More items should be added. And more games would give more attention
    Yes, I agree. It's boring when no new things are added.

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    They could add simple games like Tetris. More items would be great! I don't think they have updated that.

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