Heya guys

So recently there have been a lot of posts bashing/insulting members of staff, mainly HomelessWitch. I understand that some of you are frustrated, trust me, I really do, but I am asking you to stop. The amount of posts regarding the situation has grown out of control, and many threads have gone offtopic becase of it, so I am kindly asking that no more threads/posts hating on any member of staff in any way are made.

I will leave this thread, and this thread only, open- https://www.era-go.com/forum/showthr...Era%92s-Finest for you all to discuss how you feel about what has happened, but if it gets out of control I will have to close it. Remember to stay within the rules. Please do feel free to make a thread suggesting on how you think things could be improved. If you are unsure of wether a post you want to make is allowed or not, do not hesitate to message me or any of the global moderators.

Thank you for understanding.