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    This behaviour should not be tolerated

    A few moments ago this player kept saying rude words on me then i keep replying ok,then,so?
    ive been reporting him but nothing happens he also tries to report me for so many times he also tries to blackmail me and I think thats an abuse on the report sistem.Do you think this kind attitude should be tolerated?I think this kind of player deserves a punishment...

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    Just block him if he's bothering you. Admins should get the report and deal with it later on. .-.
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    Just block him if he's bothering you. Admins should get the report and deal with it later on. .-.
    He did reported me and got warned for no reason thats why i got bothered

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    Making threads about this isn't going to help. You should report to a PR staff in-game. If you were warned there must be an explanation for it. No Admin would warn you if you weren't found guilty in that conversation. You must said something to him and he reported. And that's probably why you got warned. If you still think it's false warn. I'd suggest submit a ticket with all your evidence & brief description of what happened. http//support.toonslab.com/
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    I recommend you to enable messages for friends only. This way, he will not be able to message you with different accounts anymore.
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    Eh I get this all the time since I'm a sparrer. Just ignore them.
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    Just Block the player.. Since he report you without valid reason, Admins should give him a Warning.
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    This isn't the place to report people. Also don't post private messages. Thanks.
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