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Thread: Impressed with Holloween this year

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    It was alright. Just dissapointed in the shop selection. The hats were pretty cool but there also used to be a nice balance of novelty guns as well as melees. What happened to the Dual Diablos? Why just melees only? Anyways, the quest was short but simple with a slick reward. The whole Carnival map was fun as well. Just wish Diablos is yearly like the Water Guns.

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    The hats were pretty nice. I am just mainly disappointed that an old promise still hasn't been kept where they were going to release different coloured diablo pistols every year like with water pistols.

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    No diablos though(((

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    Awesome! Can't wait for what they hold for Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazz View Post
    I just want to thank all the staff that worked on Holloween this year, it was one of the best Holloweens yet, and wayyyyy better than last year! So great job thanks.
    I might be crushing a bit of your hopes there but well, the Halloween update you guys got is actually a 2 years old project owned by Storm, in which 5 staffs actually worked on. Storm, Snk, Edith, Judith and myself (sorry if I missed someone). It was practically ready for release last year, but we ran into a few issues which delayed it to this year. The only thing that it needed to be done was a few scripting. So, I don't think any of the new staffs and/or new heads actually worked on it.
    I even remember Storm and I both spent 3 days and 2 nights straight working on it trying to get it done last year. I had to make GFX, LAT, and scripting for it when I was only freshly promoted to LAT staff. Good ol' memories.

    And oh god...making those mirror mazes...was the most long thing ever since it had to make sense so there could be fake exits and an actual real exit.

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    I wish they would bring back holiday guns.. :/ Those were the reason I looked forward to the holiday shops

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