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    Exclamation Please Fix this admins

    Well there is a player name Sheena Eli who's sharing or Buying an account From Others

    A couple of months ago her Acc is Noob , but Last Month she got a Pro Acc from Buying Or Shared by others.
    She dint used her Acc from a along time,But when I see her Noob Acc last week, She already had almost 500 ec item.

    When i talked to Admin's , They Keep tell that they need a proof But its is very Logical obvious Because all of Leading gangs know about it
    'Still Today Sheena Eli. is still Using the Both Acc

    'As far I know sharing or buying an Acc is Not Allowed In This Game'

    2 Acc of sheena:
    Sheena Eli.(Ring of war)
    Gameover(ERA ELITE)
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    I’ve never heard of Sheena Eli before

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    Ohh ya u need proof

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    Sharing account is allowed and her “buying” an account isn’t obvious at all
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    She's probably sharing an account with her friend. Sharing accounts isn't recommended but is totally allowed. There isn't any proof that she bought another persons account, but don't be a snitch :P
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    I've seen people asking for accounts. But I haven't seen any admins do anything about it

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    This is not the place to report people. Report them in game
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