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Thread: Any one make tilesets?

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    Any one make tilesets?

    Good day Era folks,

    I was wondering if anyone makes tilesets, if they do, please private message me.

    What I need
    - a tileset

    What do it include?
    - fantasy
    - kingdom like (castles, dungeons, etc.)

    Is this a competition?
    No it is not, I am just in need in one for my server I am creating.

    Please I don't want any trolls or any funny business. I am just asking for a tileset. Thanks!

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    Yeah, good luck with that. Tilesets are not easy to make and artists would want something out of it for it takes a long time to make.

    I'm sure you can find tilesets that are already made.


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    The prices are like 3k-20k troc.

    Well that's what I've seen in the past years

    You want breakfast? You gotta catch it!

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    All the players that used to make titlesets have retired

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