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Thread: Christmas 2017 contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabipants View Post
    What the hell lol, Kendrick should win defacto with these contests, he puts so much time in each and every graphic he makes. Real shame.
    I forgot to submit them. xP Whoops. And thanks! I was honestly just doodle at first and whatever happens, happens. *smirks*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricky View Post
    ya, look in the mirror!

    Y o u a r e s a v a g e
    Do you kno de wey?
    Quote Originally Posted by a friend that forgot that I have feelings
    I don't need your patronizing speech or your comfort
    Quote Originally Posted by BL1NK
    I like to think that there is a lot of knowledgeable and sensible people in this small community of ours (except for that AliGamer dude, he's on a 'Rick and Morty'-type level of intellect, which isn't a bad thing, depending on who you ask, hehe)
    Quote Originally Posted by AliGamer911
    I like fluffy cats I cannot lie, that's something I can't deny!

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