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    First of all, this is only my opinion, I'm not trying to insult anyone.

    Here are a few points as to why I think Bitzsam looks at one end of a situation without looking at the other.

    The elephant in the room is that Bitzsam has overall made era less fun, and caused a lot of controversy. For instance when the bar gun was slowed there were people feeling scammed out of their $70 or how ever much it is you need to buy it. This isn't only the case for the bar by the way, plenty of other guns were nerfed as well. He claims to be 'balancing' the game to make it easier for newer players to succeed. This ultimately leaves the older players angered and want to leave the game more than ever.

    This balancing has it's ups and downs. New players are more encouraged to get into basing, pking, and sparring, while older players are beginning to feel encouraged to leave it. Powerful guns are becoming weaker while others that cost less are becoming better than more expensive ones (e.g. metalstorm > bar). A lot of people are against this kind of stuff.

    People like fair games, but they also enjoy having fun playing them. Doing pointless things like making a cool down for food just slows down the game. The main problem was that people would run to safe zones and heal quickly, making pking/basing hard. But then you realize that people usually run to a safe place BEFORE eating. You're just slowing the process.

    The latest thing he has been working on is changing the basing system. There are some obvious issues, like gangs just creating new tags to get hats easily. But other than the things similar to that I like the idea personally. Smaller gangs do have a chance, though only a slightly bigger one based on all the flaws.

    These were all very short points mostly showing my dislikes. Overall I think he looks at one side of a situation (take for example new players) and forgets about the other side entirely (Older players). He has also made some questionable/pointless changes, like the previously mentioned food cool down timer.. He wants to have a balanced game but the way he is going about doing it is just ludicrous in my opinion.

    In order to not get people hating me for this post, I'll say a few things I like about Bitzsam.

    - He created exotic items, although rare they are very powerful and good looking.
    - He is extremely talented at graphics, and I think he does level design (?)
    - He means well when it comes to making things fair.
    - Made probably near or over 100 items at this point. (Including my precious multiplex stuff!)

    (Sorry this was poorly constructed, I just wrote down thoughts as the came to mind, and I'm too lazy to make this look professional...)
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    Thread closed - instead of making a thread about how he is, create a thread about the stuff you don't like and agree with.

    i.e. use the gangs thread to discuss gang topics.

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