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Thread: This is an opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ4 View Post
    U only need 5 shots in spar tho. It's still op. It would be nice to decrease the freeze
    5 shots are hard to hit when you've got to dodge the annoyingly high spread rounds of the 55k PBP rifle that holds 30 rounds and fires twice as fast as you.. "balance" haha.

    Ask me anything you would like to know about weapons, spar, PK, etc. I'll answer you to the best of my ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iEvoGraalEra View Post
    Dang, oh well.
    Rip m8 it's okay
    Should you crown a course as "hard", it does not necessarily mean that what you're taking is advanced. However, it does mean that whoever is teaching the subject to you has failed miserably at their job and has requested you to provide information that you haven't been taught, or has asked to you memorize great amounts of information in a short amount of time. Therefore, you should not crown the course as "hard", but crown it as "stupid".

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    Quote Originally Posted by iEvoGraalEra View Post
    Since the BAR was nerfed I believe the price of it should be nerfed as well. Same goes for every weapon that is nerfed. Also, the players who purchased the weapon before it's nerfing should be refunded the amount between the original price and the post-nerf price since they're no longer getting the weapon performance that they were promised.
    When were they promised the performance?

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