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Thread: Global bans, forum bans, and jailings.

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    Exclamation Global bans, forum bans, and jailings.

    Greetings iEra Community,

    Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in the amount of threads regarding account unlinking, global banning, forum banning, and in-game jails. This is just a reminder; discussions about any one of these topics is not allowed on the forums, that's why we have Toonslab support. No one on the forums can/will do anything about it, and the only thing these threads will bring is unnecessary drama - which is what we're trying to avoid here. It is okay to have respectful positive and negative opinions about anything, just not regarding these topics as it creates drama with no solution as mentioned above.

    On top of the fact that these threads are deemed illegal, any kind of ban, whether it be in-game or on the forums are non-negotiable, unless a mistake was made. Which there hasn't been regarding any recent actions.

    Continuation to post these kinds of threads after the publication of this announcement may lead to temporary or permanent consequences depending on the quantum/severity.

    On that note, any in-game jail related issues should be filed at

    If you need to report any suspicious staff activity contact an SPR or PRA via Forum PM or in-game.

    Thanks for reading.
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