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    Angry Angry admin jail rampage whats going on?

    so i've only been back for maybe 3days, within first day , you guys jailed my main account for usding, 25hours, it banned all 5 of myaccounts, and my 'friends who quit' account, i left both devices on for accounts i wanted unbanned, finally got unban about 1hour and 35mins ago, i was ASLEEP, i woke up at 4am i pmed someone offer on gold umbrella, as i was saying taking offers on gold umbrella', i then went on youtube, switched to my ipad to sign in, and boom my account is jailed for 25h again, why am i getting abused, why would i rejailed for the same thing, i already have done. this is beyond the joke, who is in charge of this bullcrap,
    so i can handle this issue, graal#2527964, pretty sure all my accounts r jailed, this is beyond the f joke.

    ive sent a support ticket in, but be foreal, isnt like their gonna respond within the (25h) before i'm unjailed, just hate this game havent played since july, come back and u just get ban hammer me/jail hammer me 24/7, really is a joke.
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    Stop duplicating threads, stop making threads about being jailed. Submit a ticket.
    Not giving up. mistakes happen, Miracles shine upon us.
    If you have an issue regarding Graal Era PM a staff member or submit a ticket to support.toonslab.com
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    U need to get out of jail on all accounts and also why did u log in on all these accounts after/while u being jailed lmao u obviously gonna get IP jailed
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    Submit a ticket to support.toonslab.com. Jail issues do not belong here.
    For any Jail, Gralat and E-mail related issues, you must submit a ticket to http://support.toonslab.com/ for help.

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