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Thread: The Plasma Corp Project

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    The Plasma Corp Project

    A few months ago i decided to begin a project that i thought would appeal to a wide range of players, and began a small scale project which consisted of a basic mini-game in which you fought a few NPCs in a small arena.

    Soon after, Olirus joined me on the project and assisted by making custom graphics where required, and from then the project has expanded in size significantly (now consists of a large Gmap, and five levels).

    It is coming close to completion, although the rewards shop will take a little more time to finish (yes, there's a rewards shop, which contains hats, melees, guns, and more).

    Plasma Corp will house a game-mode called survival. This game-mode shares similarities with Crypt, in the sense that it is a wave-based survival game-mode however in this case has a few differences:
    - Enemies will be ranged, currently we have: Four basic enemies (moving enemies with guns), two turrets, and one boss. This will be expanded upon post-release.
    - Progressing through the rounds results in earning plasma coins, plasma coins are a new currency that can be used in the rewards shop (not available on release, however here's a teaser to one of the reward hats + guns!: rewardgun.png
    - Gangs of 3-25 players can join at one time (separate instance for each gang)
    - Health packs spawn around the map on a set timer, be sure to memorise their spawn times and locations as this is crucial to surviving the later rounds.


    - How fast do you earn coins?:
    2 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 15)
    3 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 25)
    6 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 35)
    12 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 50)
    20 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 75)

    - When will it be released?
    Plasma Corp has been released, and is located on the top left of complex (above meph's furniture). - Released on the 18th of March 2018

    - What will the shop contain?
    Guns, Melees, Hats, and other items. You'll have to wait and see for any more details.

    Update 1 - 17/04/2017

    Buffed Coin rate to:
    2 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 15)
    3 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 25)
    6 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 35)
    12 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 50)
    20 coins per 5 rounds (starting at round 75)

    Solo has been introduced - you can now play by yourself.
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    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished product :^)
    my discord is goose#0367

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    Sounds exciting. Can't wait to see it!
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    I hope i have enough money to buy something
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    delete this account if you see this, ty.
    Looks scary
    delete this account if you see this, ty.

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    Nice qt

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    Good luck Junzy!

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    I really hope this thing brings me back to era because there's barely anything to do. Gl with the project

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    Is there a release date yet?

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    Sounds fun, can't wait to actually see it!

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