Ok, so here's a little competition I decided to make because my pc is broken and I can't do gfx atm.

Just make a set of female uploads, for me. Be as unique as possible without having it look weird. New hairstyles/gifs are a few things I am looking for. As for colors there's no specific ones I want. Just have a skin tone close to or the same the one in the image below, and the rest is up to you.

Skin tone example from my website~


- 1000 Trochus.
- A post dedicated to you on my website, which receives 50-100 views per day on average. (majimegfx.wordpress.com)
- A red heart dagger (because why not.)


- Head should have extensions as well as a body to go with it.
- Body should be color changeable.
- Head MUST have a gif of some kind.
- No illegal heads (duh)
- All heads should have the letter 'C' or 'Chant' on them. No lame fonts please lol.

The deadline for this competition is March 12th, 2018 -- one week time limit.
Send your submissions to this email;
[email protected]
Send your in-game name/gang in the email please, so I can message you if you've won.

That's all, thanks for reading --