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Thread: Socom or FN P90?

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    Socom or FN P90?

    Thinking of getting either one, seen the stats. So just want to know from the people what they think of the guns. Thanks.

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    If I were you, I would get M4.

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    Socom is a better choice. On the other hand FN P90 is lot spammy.

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    P90 is awesome in FPS games (COD 4) But not in Graal

    Hey, I haven't tried it in Era so I would have no idea
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    FN p90 is best used on PC when playing era on facebook or the website. It rivals the minigun in speed if you click with your mouse. I used it quite a bit while basing at times and ive beaten a flamethrower user 1 on 1. But the biggest downside when doing this is that you end up being immobile. Fn p90 on ios is okay but to be honest I wouldn't buy it if I mainly use an ios device. I would either pick the socom or save a bit more and buy the Bushmaster ACR that gun is very well rounded.
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